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Some items of possible interest :)

"...the Vatican Observatory Research Group boasts
13 professional astronomers and cosmologists, all
of them Jesuits. ... As the Pope [
John Paul] finishes speaking, Coyne approaches
the dais. Their lives have followed similar
paths: Both were rigorously schooled in theology
and philosophy, both speak multiple languages,
and both hail from humble backgrounds. But what a
difference a throne makes ­ without hesitation,
Father Coyne drops to his knees to kiss his
superior's ring. As a Jesuit, he is bound by
absolute obedience to the Pontiff. Symbolic,
ritualized, and utterly expected by a priest,
it's an act of self-abnegation that seems
shockingly out of place in a scientist. In this
gesture lurks a fundamental tension: How can
Coyne live both in the hierarchical world of the
Catholic Church and the egalitarian world of
science, where there is no higher authority? ...
he ... is exasperated by those who want to put
limits on scientific inquiry. ..." Issue 10.12 | December

Scott Corrales, Jan 8, 2002 - El Mundo
Summary: Jesuit George Coyne, director of the
Vatican Observatory, is convinced of the
existence of extraterrestrial life and states
that it is "madness" to think than humans are
alone in the universe. .... He admits not having
any proof of extraterrestrial life. .."


"In light of the critical comments of Cardinal
Schönborn made by Jesuit Fr.George Coyne
Astronomer and Director of the Vatican
Observatory,[1] we feel obligated to provide a
defense and commentary. Let it be clear that
Cardinal Schönborn has spoken truthfully about
the incompatibility of modern neo-Darwinism and
orthodox perennial Catholic teaching on
Creation. [snip] J.P. Hubert Jr. B.A (Biology)

(3) Molinism

The famous work of the
Molina, "Concordia liberi arbitrii cum gratiae
donis" (Lisbon, 1588), brought in Spain the
learned Dominican Bañez to the valiant defence of
Thomism. In 1594 the dispute between the Thomists
and the Molinists reached a fever heat.
Clement VIII in order to settle the dispute
convened in Rome a Congregatio de Auxiliis
(1598-1607), and to this the Dominicans and the
sent, at the pope's invitation, their ablest
theologians. After the congregation had been in
session for nine years without reaching a
V, at the advice of St. Francis de Sales,
permitted both systems, strongly forbidding the
to call the Dominicans
or the Dominicans to call the
The deliberations of the congregation are fully
set out in the article CONGREGATIO DE AUXILIIS. ..."

~ Janice

At 08:08 AM 11/21/2005, Denyse O'Leary wrote:

>While we are on this topic, Vatican astronomer
>George Coyne, who attacks intelligent design
>theory, has a rather unusual theological view,
>which he is prepared to share with the Catholic press:
>"... if we confront what we know of our origins
>scientifically with religious faith in God the
>Creator – if, that is, we take the results of
>modern science seriously – it is difficult to
>believe that God is omnipotent and omniscient in
>the sense of many of the scholastic
>philosophers. For the believer, science tells us
>of a God who must be very different from God as seen by them. "
>As it happens, Benedict XVI is running a
>traditional Christian church, whose most basic
>doctrines (omnipotence, omniscience) he is not at liberty to change.
>
>By the way, a native-born Italian tells me that
>the term "progetto intelligente", which the Pope
>used in his talk, is the term the Italian media
>use to mean "intelligent design" as in "the intelligent design controversy".
>That's why I laughed so hard when someone
>suggested that the Pope doesn't mean it "in an American Protestant sense".
>No, but then the Pope doesn't - generally
>speaking - mean anything in an America
>Protestant sense ever ... but it appears that he
>DOES mean it in a Catholic sense.
>cheers, Denyse
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