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MessageOmnipotence & omniscience, in the scholastic sense, are not the most basic doctrines of the church.

& of course clowns often laugh hard but that doesn't mean that they understand what's in front of them - any more than the Italian media, or for that matter the pope, understand what ID in the American context is. Denyse has consistently shown that she doesn't - i.e., that she can't see the difference between intelligent design as a theological affirmation & as a purported scientific theory.

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  While we are on this topic, Vatican astronomer George Coyne, who attacks intelligent design theory, has a rather unusual theological view, which he is prepared to share with the Catholic press:

  "... if we confront what we know of our origins scientifically with religious faith in God the Creator if, that is, we take the results of modern science seriously it is difficult to believe that God is omnipotent and omniscient in the sense of many of the scholastic philosophers. For the believer, science tells us of a God who must be very different from God as seen by them. "

  As it happens, Benedict XVI is running a traditional Christian church, whose most basic doctrines (omnipotence, omniscience) he is not at liberty to change.


  By the way, a native-born Italian tells me that the term "progetto intelligente", which the Pope used in his talk, is the term the Italian media use to mean "intelligent design" as in "the intelligent design controversy".

  That's why I laughed so hard when someone suggested that the Pope doesn't mean it "in an American Protestant sense".

  No, but then the Pope doesn't - generally speaking - mean anything in an America Protestant sense ever ... but it appears that he DOES mean it in a Catholic sense.

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