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>Yes, I saw it. I was most interested in it as it was pretty
>accurate in my opinion in most areas. one of my hesitancies was the
>fact that they merely called him a heretic without defining his
>beliefs. If you care to discuss this topic further we can. I have
>read Newton's original manuscripts in Cambridge, Jerusalem, Boston,
>and Palo Alto and base my opinions in those MSS. I was also most
>interested in discovering one of Newton's Bibles in Cambridge and
>studying his marginal notes in that Bible. One of the interesting
>finds in Jerusalem was a letter by Einstein briefly discussing the
>Jerusalem MSS which he examined in the US after Yehuda purchased
>them and before they were sent to Jerusalem.
>I have not published in the field but as a high school teacher it
>was my primary goal to prepare and use a one hour slide presentation
>that I put together for my high school students on the topic. I
>used this with all of my students for over 23 years. I was observed
>by my principals and other colleagues on several occasions and it
>was noted by them that my presentation is an example of how one can
>present scholarly material to high school students who are not
>particularly interested in school. I have also presented at a
>number of conferences including ASA, NSTA and others.
>Due to health reasons, I retired from teaching high school in 2000
>and I do not believe that I have done anything with the presentation
>since my retirement. To be honest, I am not sure what to do with it.
>Helen Martin

### Two items which may interest you:

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[2] Forthcoming: Isaac Newton, Heretic

To be published in the Icon Books series Scientific Revolutions, this
book will detail Newton's heretical theology, apocalyptic thought and alchemy.

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