Johannes Kepler and the "murder" of Tycho Brahe?

From: Clarke Morledge <>
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 10:33:03 EST

Hi. I am new to the ASA and new to the mailing list. Just as a bit of
introduction, I am currently a computer network engineer at the College of
William and Mary. Some twenty years ago I received a Bachelor's in
Mathematics at Washington and Lee, and eight years ago I received a
Masters in Theology from Fuller Seminary.

I have taught adult education at my church (Williamsburg Community Chapel)
and I have been involved in a number of science/faith conversations with a
fellow ASA'er, Dick Terman, who is a professor emeritus in biology at
William and Mary. Dick suggested that I look into joining the ASA.

I am working on developing a history of Christianity and Science class for
my church, and I ran across a very curious book that attacks the character
of Johannes Kepler:

In _Heavenly Intrigue_, the authors make the claim that Kepler was
obsessively jealous of Tycho Brahe. They even suggest that Kepler
murdered Brahe. Since I've always considered Kepler to be a hero of mine
in terms of positively integrating evangelical faith and scientific
investigation, I was a bit bummed out by the claims of the book.

Can anyone on the list tell me if the idea of Kepler's disturbed
personality is true or if this is simply a case of revisionist history
gone bad?

... or, to go even a step further, have there been any geocentrists who
have used this "evidence" against Kepler to try to associate heliocentrism
with moral failure (Kepler being a heliocentrist and Brahe being a


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