RE: Ethanol from corn (was Kuwait oil)

From: Tjalle T Vandergraaf <>
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 18:22:26 EST

Let's not hold our collective breath that fusion is imminent! In spite of
the amount of progress made with respect to fusion (as the presentations at
the Grantham ASA conference showed), even if sustained fusion can be
demonstrated, the engineering and material science hurdles that need to be
overcome are very high. I remember a presentation at least 15 years ago by
a material scientist who dealt, in part, with the metallurgical problems
associated with the effect of intense neutron radiation on the pole pieces.
If I recall correctly, within a relatively short time (<2 years) every atom
in a pole piece would be dislodged. Replacing a large and highly
radioactive (due to neutron activation products) pole piece is not going to
be easy. This radioactive material would eventually have to disposed of in
a facility like the one under consideration in Yucca Mountain.


Chuck Vandergraaf




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> My question remains, how do we deal with this?

We have GOT to solve the fusion problem, now! And that makes me rather



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