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Not only do you not present an alternative, you comment on the point I least
care about in my entire post, a point that was tangential to the main idea
which is that canonicity goes out the window once you abandon the 6 day creation

All this really means is that you abandon the concept of canon so you can
appeal to the Gospel of Thomas. Many theologians & many churches don't believe 6
day creation & do accept the canon.
I use all of the religious texts that contributed to the development of
modern religion. I haven't abandoned the canon. I've embraced all of religous
development not painted myself in a corner. I have a wider scope than you have, not
an illegitimate one.
  I don't appeal to any one of the texts, such as the gospel of thomas as
you've mistakenly responded. As I've said, the fall and state of Adam is in the
OT, the NT, the Zohar and the nag hamadi texts (philip and thomas and perhaps
the apocalypse of Adam). I didn't appeal to any one text or restrict myself to
what was determined to be canonical by either the Jews or the Christians.
That's what you do and that's my point.

I don't know why you are fixated on the 6 day creation and whether it is saga
or myth or allegory. It's not a literal rendering of creation so you have to
figure out what it means, don't you? Have you? No. Then why split hairs with
me over how many interpretations of the 6 day creation there are? Anyway, it
wasn't the main argument, which was that without a 6 day creation the world
began a lot longer ago and you can no longer ignore what comes before the 6 day
creation. You have to see how religion developed. To do that, you have to widen
your scope and embrace all of the texts you find and follow the development of
religious concepts throughout history, not just the canon.

rich faussette
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