Re: Is there evidence of design?

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Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 14:46:30 EST

At 07:13 PM 11/14/2005, George Murphy wrote:

>No Janice, I don't claim to be a fiction expert. One areas in which I do
>have some expertise is theoretical physics (in which I got my Ph.D. from
>Johns Hopkins) with particular application to cosmology. I know what I'm
>talking about in this area & Crichton doesn't. I don't expect an apology
>from you but I do hope you learn to be quiet when you're out of your
>depth. ~ George

#1#1# I'd be more interested in knowing where you got your BS degree. :)

~ Janice

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>At 12:22 PM 11/14/2005, George Murphy wrote:
>>Crichton's statement that the Drake equation is "pure speculation in
>>scientific trappings" is 100% wrong. The equation is in fact quite
>>rigorous, stating that the number of extant advanced technical
>>civilizations in the galaxy is the product of a number of factors that
>>would determine whether such civilizations could come into being and how
>>long they would survive. Where speculation enters is in knowing what
>>numbers to put into the equations for some of these factors, because we
>>simply don't the probability of life developing on a suitable planet or
>>the probability of intelligence emerging if life does. We don't even
>>know if our estimates are very conservative or very generous.
>>Crichton should stick to fiction.
>>Shalom George
>### " ...Where speculation enters is in knowing what numbers to put into
>the equations..."~ George "the fiction expert" Murphy
> "..... the Drake equation can have any value from "billions and
> billions" to zero. An expression that can mean anything means nothing.
> Speaking precisely, the Drake equation is literally meaningless, and has
> nothing to do with
> science.
>~ Janice
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