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### Like others, he may not want to expand his horizons into an
ultra-left direction. ~ Janice

rich: This is a ridiculous response. I may not want to expand my horizons
in an ultra left direction because Scholem's brother was a Communist? Many
of the major neoconservative intellectuals in your own newspapers such as
the Podhoretz's were red diaper babies. You don't know what ultra left is.

#1#1# Oh, but I do. David Horowitz was a red diaper baby and, like
me, knows their MO. He has pictures and profiles of many of the
players - the individuals and organizations - that make up the ultra left.

In fact, some on this list are great admirers of many of those pictured

> Jan, from W: ...... ~ Janice

....Not only does Scholem have the references to the undivided Adam, but
the gospel of thomas, in the nag hamadi texts also have Jesus calling
himself the undivided and saying that you must be male and female to enter
the kingdom in numerous places. There is also a reference in the gospel of
philip ... " ~ rich faussette

#1#1# [UNorthodox] Texts Outside the Bible - Thomas Gospel Tizzy
An Examination of Arguments Favoring the Gospel of Thomas - J. P. Holding

More: The Gospel of Thomas - scroll to

In his book Hidden Gospels, Jenkins explodes the myth of the Gospel of
Philip as a reliable or contemporary source for the life of Jesus:

Not a first century document at all, scholars date the Gospel of
Philip to the third century, about 200 years after Jesus lived, and
therefore no product of the disciple named Philip in Acts, unless he lived
to be at least 310! This would be as far removed from us as the American
Revolution, and certainly not to be preferred over the canonical Gospels,
which even by later dates assigned by some scholars (80-100 AD) are far
closer to their source.[30] The Nag Hammadi document was penned no earlier
than 350 AD.[31]

The Gospel of Philip is a Gnostic text, and Gnostic thought would
have no place in first century Palestinian Judaism. A Jesus teaching
Gnosticism in this setting would not have been Teabing’s influential person
– he would have been ignored and shunned.
  ....." Much more here:

The Nag Hammadi texts are dated to the late fourth century. See

~ Janice
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