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The title of Griffin's book is "Two Great Truths; a Synthesis of
Scientific Naturalism and Christian Faith. Foreword by Howard Van Till.
130 pages. Paperback, 2004. ISBN 0-664-22773-2.

The last book I read by Griffin was his RELIGION AND SCIENTIFIC
NATURALISM. I subsequently reviewed it for PSCF and also published a
longer review in MetaNexus. A copy of that review is on my web site at -- I recommended the book highly. The
review was completed September 15, 2001 and
Published in PERSPECTIVES, the quarterly journal of the American
Scientific Association, Volume 54, Number 3, September 2002

I'm looking forward to this one too -- Richard Ruble has said he will
accept my review on it.

Chapter headings:

1 Scientific Naturalism: A Great truth that got distorted
2 Christian faith: A great truth that got distorted
3 A new synthesis
4 Christian faith: from arrogance to timidity to respectful confidence

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