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### Like others, he may not want to expand his horizons into an
ultra-left direction.

Scholem taught the Kabbalah and mysticism from a scientific point of view.

Scholem's brother Werner was a member of the ultra-left "Fischer-Maslow
Group" and a member of the
representing the <>Communist
Party (<>KPD) in the German parliament.

It is important to note that no scholars of classical
<>Judaism from within
<>Orthodox or
<>Haredi Judaism, the
original sources of all classical knowledges about the Kabbalah, either
approved of Scholem or validated his ideas and writings. ...

In the <>Weltanschauung of
Scholem, the research of Jewish mysticism could not be separated from its
historical context. Starting from something similar to the Gegengeschichte
of <>Friedrich
Nietzsche he ended up including a lot of the less normative aspects of the
Judaism in the public history.

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