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Louise, who still can't figure out why so many evangelicals think detecting
God through science (and by inference, without scripture, prayer, the Holy
Spirit, etc. is such a swell idea...)
Ken Ham suggests that Biblical morality has a scientific basis. It does.
Where he errs is in assuming a literal reading of the Bible to get at the science.
Of course, you are stopped with the creation in genesis which is based on
myth not science. The Hebrew Bible was given to the Hebrews, a tribe of kin, for
their survival (the man who keeps my laws and my institutions shall have life
through them). The sociological laws (that give life) in the Hebrew Bible are
based on science, but only the sociological laws as found for example in the
Ten Commandments and the Levitical prohibitions. The proof? The Hebrews have
survived and prospered amid the fall of successive civilizations.

In an upcoming essay to be released in January, I identify the science
beneath the Levitical prohibitions and address Ham's concern, not the way he would
like perhaps, but if morality is his main concern, that issue is addressed.

rich faussette
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