Re: Is there evidence of design?

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Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 12:33:19 EST

Louise is quite right. & here's a point about Johnson's notorious quoute that's often missed. The fingerprints of a perpetrator at the scene of a crime are useful in identifying that person only when his/her fingerprints are obtained independently & connected with that specific person. Similarly, God's metaphorical fingerprints enable us to identify something as God's handiwork only if we know beforehand what God's "fingerprints" are like. This means (dropping the metaphor) that we must know God somehow beforehand before any evidence in nature - design or whatever - will show that God did it. We have to know God from his revelation in Christ before we can recognize signs of that God's activity in the world. & since God's revelation in Christ is focussed on the cross-resurrection event, it is phenomena that bear that mark - like evolution through natural selection - that are more like the "fingerprint of God" than is the bacterial flagellum.

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  Agreed. Johnson's remark of a God who "left His fingerprints all over the evidence" comes to mind as typical of ID "science" argumentation. And I think many who believe in intelligent design as theology (pretty much anyone who believes in God as the Maker of heaven and earth) are extremely uncomfortable with the fingerprint notion. Personally, trying to make the case for a Creator God through such unexplainable fingerprints reflects the same logic as making the case for the Resurrection with the imprint on the Shroud of Turin... a rather risky peg to hang your faith hat on.

  Louise, who still can't figure out why so many evangelicals think detecting God through science (and by inference, without scripture, prayer, the Holy Spirit, etc. is such a swell idea...)

     I think that one needs to start with "design" and try to educate the public about the distinctions between the term as it is used in theology and as it is used in ID argumentation.

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