Re: Is there evidence of design?

From: Dr. David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 11:43:37 EST

> Brief response for now: My question is simply do you find evidence of
> design in creation, in whatever form that evidence may take (IC is
> fine as an example).
> "I reject the claim that "irreducible complexity" is unevolvable "
> It is not a matter of design *or* evolution.

What qualifies as finding evidence is also a problem. The ID movement
insists on finding something by purely scientific means.
Theologically, we know from the Bible that God created everything.
That is evidence of design in creation. Knowing that, we can also
recognize all of creation as evidence of design, not necessarily
scientifically inexplicable.

Irreducible complexity is not a good example because it is not
well-defined. On the one hand, there is the definition of a complex
system that requires multiple parts to function. Such a system can
evolve or otherwise form in ways fully explicable by natural law (a
complex molecule fits this definition, even though it can be made by
mixing stuff in a test tube or by naturally occurring reactions). The
definition has therefore sometimes been modified to include a caveat
about applying to things that have not yet been explained. However,
that's merely a gap argument with no underlying principle by which one
could tell IC from non IC things.

There are things that science can't readily explain, not so much by
discovering gaps the way the ID movement tends to hope for but because
of limits to what science can do. E.g. why does a habitable universe
exist (multiverse models not being currently testable)? Why are things
irrelvant to human biological needs beautiful or delicious (obvious
reasons exist for nutritionally important food to be tasty, but not
spices, chocolate, etc.)? How does one develop a consistent and
acceptable moral system ("anyone can do whatever he wants" is
internally consistent but highly unpopular with anyone who realizes
that what other people want might not be what I want).

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