Re: Is there evidence of design?

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret <>
Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 11:25:26 EST

Agreed. Johnson's remark of a God who "left His fingerprints all over the
evidence" comes to mind as typical of ID "science" argumentation. And I
think many who believe in intelligent design as theology (pretty much anyone
who believes in God as the Maker of heaven and earth) are extremely
uncomfortable with the fingerprint notion. Personally, trying to make the
case for a Creator God through such unexplainable fingerprints reflects the
same logic as making the case for the Resurrection with the imprint on the
Shroud of Turin... a rather risky peg to hang your faith hat on.

Louise, who still can't figure out why so many evangelicals think detecting
God through science (and by inference, without scripture, prayer, the Holy
Spirit, etc. is such a swell idea...)

 I think that one needs to start with "design" and try to educate the public
about the distinctions between the term as it is used in theology and as it
is used in ID argumentation.
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