Re: Is there evidence of design?

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Date: Mon Nov 14 2005 - 10:15:55 EST

Gregory, thanks for your comments. I respect your desire to broaden our notion of "design." Unfortunately, the word "design" has been made the operative word among both ID proponents and a general public--one might say that people are now "fixated" on it. I think that one needs to start with "design" and try to educate the public about the distinctions between the term as it is used in theology and as it is used in ID argumentation.


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  How about starting with another question: Do you think there is evidence of construction or composition? As for the 'in creation' part, most people here likely agree to this, due to the fifth word in the Bible, so it seems rather unnecessary to add. But then the creation science legacy becomes somehow relevant when speaking about origins and processes of life.


  On a quick search of synonyms for 'design' (noun and verb) the following came up:

  plan, plot, goal, pattern, intention, compose, construct, form, produce, originate, fabricate, devise, make, scheme, target and of course, create.


  Surely there are more still. Why not choose any of these words instead of narrowing the scope of your science, philosophy or theology to 'design'? I'm in agreement with Terry that the original question asked below appears to have been shifted by Cornelius. On the other hand, I see no need for developing a fixation with the noun or verb 'design.' I hope that's alright at ASA.





  "I'm very inclined to think of design, when it comes to the relationship between God and the being a theological concept rather than a scientific one." - Terry Gray


  "I regard my belief [in design] as philosophical, not scientific." - Bill Hamilton


  "I believe in design because I believe in a designer, not because I see design in and of itself." - Terry Gray


  "I find it difficult to separate the question of design from the ontological question of existence." - A. Moorad

  p.s. please note that I am not implying that any of the persons quoted above are 'fixated' with the term design. That may, however, be a condition for joining the design movement known as the IDM.

  Cornelius Hunter <> wrote:

    Well how about starting with this question. Do you think there is evidence for design in creation? For instance, does the electron transport chain exhibit evidence for design?

      From: Terry M. Gray
      If there is a "plan and purpose" that is detectable scientifically, then I'm all ears. Where is it? How is it imposed on organisms and ecosystems?

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