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Terrific, but why are you assuming that I am assuming. My point, if you can
even recall it, was that your notion was quite novel. Yes, even to my Jewish
friends. Your arguments haven't changed that.
My argument is not novel (as in new or strange). It is attested in the Jewish
kabbalah, suggested by the claim to celibacy in the NT and again supported by
many references in the Nag Hammadi texts (the undivided, you must be male and
female to enter the kingdom). The texts from different groups all support one
another. This is not a novel as in new or strange idea. It is a relatively
unknown idea. I recall your point and don't understand why a fact expressed
across religious texts from the period of developing Christianity should suddenly
be novel because you and your friends are not familiar with it, that's all.

rich faussette
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