Re: Is there evidence of design?

From: Cornelius Hunter <>
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 14:50:17 EST

Bill: I understand you have religious beliefs about divine action and
interaction with creation. And that you suspect our ability to detect design
and furthermore to use it to establish anything rigorously is all limited.
I'm asking a simpler question: Do you or do you not think there is evidence
for design in creation (even if that evidence may turn out to be faulty or
hard to use)? It sounds like you are saying that you think there is such
evidence, but that you have other concerns about it. Or am I misreading and
do you think there is no such evidence?

> We can readily identify design by humans in art and artifacts, as Phil
> Johnson
> is fond of pointing out. But does that enable us to detect design by an
> entity
> (God) whose ways are higher than ours? While I believe that God has
> designed
> the laws of physics and chemistry, and designs the environment to provide
> direction to common descent, I regard my belief as philosophical, not
> scientific. That's because it would be extremely difficult, if not
> impossible,
> to establish rigorously the existence of design.
>> Well how about starting with this question. Do you think there is
>> evidence
>> for design in creation? For instance, does the electron transport chain
>> exhibit evidence for design?
>> From: Terry M. Gray
>> If there is a "plan and purpose" that is detectable scientifically,
>> then
>> I'm all ears. Where is it? How is it imposed on organisms and ecosystems?
>> TG
> Bill Hamilton
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