Re: Is there evidence of design?

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 14:04:02 EST

Yes there's lots of design in creation. Just take the oxygen transfer of haemoglobin , that reflects the wonderful design capabilities of God. I always appreciate the wonder of it when I climb a long steep slope when mountain walking or cycling.
(Did George Bush discover design when he fell off his bike grazed himself and saw the blood clot!!!!! Do all Texans fall off their bikes?)

I don't have much time for those who so misunderstand design that they say "hemoglobin shows the same evidence for design as the man in the moon"

Behind a little levity I am absolutely deadly serious on these comments

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  From: Cornelius Hunter
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  Well how about starting with this question. Do you think there is evidence for design in creation? For instance, does the electron transport chain exhibit evidence for design?

    From: Terry M. Gray
    If there is a "plan and purpose" that is detectable scientifically, then I'm all ears. Where is it? How is it imposed on organisms and ecosystems?
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