Re: Pope says universe made by "intelligent project"

From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 09:08:32 EST

I quote from the article Janice Matchett posted:

Critics say intelligent design is merely creationism -- a literal reading
of the Bible's story of creation -- camouflaged in scientific language.

I get tired of hearing this. Clearly the critics haven't followed either the ID
movement or the creationists' reaction to it. As Bill Dembski said in the
article posted on

Criticism 1: Morris regards intelligent design as not faithful to the full
Christian revelation. For instance, he is concerned that "many Christians now
seem to think that [the intelligent design movement] has freed them from having
to confront the Genesis record of a young earth and global flood." He sees
intelligent design's focus on an unspecified designer--indeed, a designer who
need not even be a theistic creator God--as disingenuous and a matter of
expedience, done simply "to build a very large tent, allowing anyone except
pure materialists to take refuge there." Moreover, he implies that intelligent
design advocates are guilty of snobbery, stating that "ID advocates would be
embarrassed" to be associated with young earth creationism's "Biblical

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