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The confusion over evolution among Christians boils down to the question of
how to read the creation account in Genesis. Here the Pope simply reiterates
what the Magisterium has argued tirelessly since Leo XIII's Providentissimus
Deus. Scripture does not teach science, period. Genesis tells us what happened in
the archaic, pre-scientific idiom of the ancient Hebrews. It does not tell us
how it happened. We can learn what we can about that "how" from science,
always keeping in mind that there can be no real conflict between two very
different orders of knowledge: science and theology.
I explained the proper interpretation of Adam and Eve and the Jacob and Esau
story as presented in my paper, True Religion to George Sim Johnston this
summer at one of his classes on genesis at the Opus Dei headquarters in Manhattan.
It was the first time he heard it. I got no argument, just a perplexed smile
from George who wrote Did Darwin Get it Right. There is science in genesis
and it is evolutionary science. You just have to work within the limitations of
ancient knowledge to see it.

rich faussette
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