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 I have spoken with several of my active Jewish friends and they thought this
was a novel perspective as well. They had never heard of it either.
"Gershom Scholem was the master builder of historical studies of the
Kabbalah... Almost all of the scholars in the field were his students or, in his later
years, students of his students."
Arthur Hertzberg, NYU 1995

Why do you assume that the information we share is common knowledge to all
Jews, or even that your Jewish friends must be aware of the same information?
There are orthodox, reformed, conservative, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Hasidim,
Judaism is not a monolith nor are the core secrets of Judaism available to
all and that is not my opinion, that is the opinion and the practice of the
kabbalists themselves. The kabbalists say the secret of nature is in genesis and
should not be divulged to any one man. The very secrecy and elitism that
Christians saw in gnosticism, the idea that a belief is only apprehensible to a few,
was rejected by Christianity, but that secrecy and elitism is a component of
Jewish mysticisim and is embraced by Judaism and many Jewish intellectuals
like the most highly regarded Scholem.
As another example, the nationalist nature of Judaism that created the state
of Israel is not embraced by all Jews although it is commonly embraced by
American Jews.

rich faussette
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