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      In the final analysis, context determines the appropriate interpretation. Grammatical and contextual considerations indicate that Adam simply was reacting to the humanity of Eve, in contradistinction to the animals. The definite article (ha), especially when prefixed to time words (e.g., pa‘am), carries a demonstrative force (Seow, 1987, p. 35). Accordingly, Adam simply specified that “this time” (happa‘am), unlike the other times when he observed mere animal nature, he was confronted with his human female counterpart.

      rich faussette
      Appologetics Press, yes, that is the YEC COC outfit.
  You're clutching at straws. The argument is based on translation not a young earth. Come up with a counter argument, not a generic accusation against YECS.
  Tell me the translation's wrong.
  rich faussette

Not at all, I just know how they skew their interpretations, which is fine, as we know where they are coming from. "Now at length" is conveniently changed to "this time." It is an attempt to shorten any time lengthening arguments that they are confronted with. Being highly biased, it is in their best interest to simply dismiss it. I would similarly be suspect of apologetics from ICR. I have spoken with several of my active Jewish friends and they thought this was a novel perspective as well. They had never heard of it either.

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