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How do the death and resurrection of Jesus and its significance for us fit into that evolutionary scheme?


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On the issue of guidance or direction in evolution:

There are two senses in which "guided" is used, and the ID advocates
confuse and obscure the differences. One sense is that of internal
direction from within the natural biological system. This would be
like the vitalism of the last century in which organisms were impelled
toward a goal by their own efforts, or by some inward force. Internal
vitalistic forces have been rejected by modern science. However, and
this is critical, modern science does not and indeed cannot reject
supernatural or divine guidance of the evolutionary process. Science
simply has no way to study or test for such divine action. ID
advocates often take statements from the scientific community that
refer to guidance in the first sense and imply that they are rejecting
divine guidance. I see evolution as an expression of God's creative
action and part of God's purpose and will. I believe that this is the
same view held by Ken Miller.


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