RE: Post-Darwinist: Pope uses term "intelligent design" in a favourable context

From: Denyse O'Leary <>
Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 17:00:23 EST

Tell the Pope, Denyse

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Sorry Denyse, this won't work.  "Intelligent Design" in English is now a 
technical term & you always need to be careful with those in any language. 
The fact that a German word _can_ mean "design" doesn't prove that it's 
being used in the same technical sense that Dembski, z.B., means when he 
says "design."  Cassells lists 16 English meanings for /der Plan/, of which 
the 11th is "design."  The 10th is "plan."  If the Pope wants to make an 
explicit endorsement of ID he should do it in English because that's the 
language in which it has become a technical term.
Besides, there is still the ambiguity between "intelligent design" as a 
religious belief & as a putative scientific theory.  Of course the former is
the correct view not only of RCs but of all Christians.  The latter is a 
different matter.  (Do you know the difference Denyse?  Some things you 
write make me wonder.)
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