Re: "Pandas" evolves into a new edition

From: Pim van Meurs <>
Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 12:07:31 EST

Donald Sprowl wrote:

> Dick Fischer wrote:
> Of perhaps a simple statement on the first day would be
> appropriate such as: “Whereas we cannot rule out supernatural
> explanations or miracles per se, nevertheless, in this science
> class we will assume purely natural causes were involved in the
> progression of life on planet earth. If anyone wishes to discuss
> that further stay after class.”
> To me, this statement comes across as "We cannot rule out supernatural
> explanations or miracles per se, but in this class we will pretend
> that we can because pretending is what we call good science."
> How about something more like: "As scientists we observe consistent
> patterns of behavior and operation in the universe. Many of these
> patterns are understood in terms of underlying rules of cause and
> effect that we call natural laws. In this science class we will study
> the observations and patterns and think through whether our natural
> laws are able to explain them. Our scientific study of these matters
> is worthwhile in itself, but it also informs our thinking about the
> deeper questions of the purpose and meaning of life and the existence
> and nature of God. We will not deal specifically with such questions
> in this class because they cannot be studied scientifically, but our
> study of science is not irrelevant to them."

Much better.
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