Dover Voters Show True Intelligence

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Pennsylvania Voters Oust School Board
The Associated Press
Wednesday, November 9, 2005; 2:39 AM
DOVER, Pa. -- Voters came down hard Tuesday on school board members who
backed a statement on intelligent design being read in biology class,
ousting eight Republicans and replacing them with Democrats who want the
concept stripped from the science curriculum.
The election unfolded amid a landmark federal trial involving the Dover
public schools and the question of whether intelligent design promotes
the Bible's view of creation. Eight Dover families sued, saying it
violates the constitutional separation of church and state.
Dover's school board adopted a policy in October 2004 that requires
ninth-graders to hear a prepared statement about intelligent design
before learning about evolution in biology class.
Eight of the nine school board members were up for election Tuesday.
They were challenged by a slate of Democrats who argued that science
class was not the appropriate forum for teaching intelligent design.
"My kids believe in God. I believe in God. But I don't think it belongs
in the science curriculum the way the school district is presenting it,"
said Jill Reiter, 41, a bank teller who joined a group of high school
students waving signs supporting the challengers Tuesday.
A spokesman for the winning slate of candidates has said they wouldn't
act hastily and would consider the outcome of the court case. The judge
expects to rule by January; the new school board members will be sworn
in Dec. 5.
School board member David Napierskie, who lost Tuesday, said the vote
wasn't just about ideology.
"Some people felt intelligent design shouldn't be taught and others were
concerned about having tax money spent on the lawsuit," he said.
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