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Following these presentations were interactions with the audience. John
Wiester quoted from Miller's book, Biology (K. Miller and J. Levine,
Prentice-Hall, 1993, p. 658):

"In many ways, each animal phylum represents an experiment in the design of
body structures to perform the tasks necessary for survival. Of course,
there has never been any kind of plan to these experiments because evolution
works without either plan or purpose."

He then asked Ken if he would consider this science or philosophy. John's
point was that B.'s ideological implications are significant and worth
considering for revision in the next edition of the book.

 MSNBC <> reported at the Dover trial
said he missed the reference.

 Miller also backed off a statement in a 1995 biology textbook he co-wrote
that said evolution was "random and undirected." Miller said he missed that
reference by a co-author and that he did not believe evolution was random
and undirected.

Yet, this shows that the reference was brought to his attention in the same
year that the book was published. Further, the phrase was apparently not
removed <> in the 1998 or 2000

In spite of author Kenneth Miller's pledge to the American Scientific
Affiliation in August of 1995 to remove the phrases that "evolution is
without plan or purpose" and "evolution is random and undirected" because
they represent ideology masquerading as science, this identical language
reappeared in the 1998 and 2000 editions.

 Could someone with access to recent editions of Biology please verify this?
Could someone with access to the trial transcripts get Miller's exact words
on the stand as the MSNBC article does not directly quote him? If
pro-teleology is not allowed then neither should anti-teleology. As such,
Miller should be held to his pledge.
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