RE: "Pandas" evolves into a new edition

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Fri Nov 11 2005 - 10:44:38 EST

Ted wrote:
ID can in fact be discussed--not "taught," in that there is no
theory per se to teach--in high school science classes. It is
for a teacher to mention explanatory difficulties with evolution if they
wish, as long as there is a clear secular educational purpose for doing
As long as unnatural explanations are acceptable for discussion in
science classes then let's also include discussion of spontaneous
generation, space aliens and demonic tampering as legitimate
alternatives to purely natural explanations. I'm sure that wouldn't
confuse any high school students.
Of perhaps a simple statement on the first day would be appropriate such
as: "Whereas we cannot rule out supernatural explanations or miracles
per se, nevertheless, in this science class we will assume purely
natural causes were involved in the progression of life on planet earth.
If anyone wishes to discuss that further stay after class."
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