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Jewish theology posits the messiah to be male and female. The reasoning goes
this way: Before Eve was created from Adam's rib, Adam contained both male and
female principles and therefore had NO DESIRE.
That is a novel take. In the garden, Adam realized that not one of the
animals was a suitable helper and mate. Next, God put Adam to sleep, performed an
operation, awakened Adam and introduced to him the newly created Eve. Adam's
response when he sees Eve for the first time was happa’am. This expression is
usually translated as “now at length” (Gen. 29:34-35, 30:20, 46:30, and Judges
15:3), roughly equivalent to our English expression “at last.” Sounds like his
desire was fulfilled. It looks like Adam knew he was not complete, having a
desire for a mate. If he didn't have that desire, I don't believe he would have
expressed, "finally."

Adam's does not realize anything and that error invalidates your argument.
Here is the relevant text.

"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to till it and
care for it. He told the man,"You may eat from every tree in the garden, but
not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for on the day that you eat
from it you will certainly die." Then the Lord God said, "It is not good for
the man to be alone."

The sequence here is God's doing, not Adam's and it supports my argument that
Adam (before Eve is created) was told not to eat of the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil and he did not. God then presents the animals to Adam and he
names the animals God brings him and when God realizes there is no
helper/mate for Adam, only then is Eve created, and only then is there a fall.
It is precisely the same in The New English Bible and in the Twenty Four
Books of the Scriptures translated by Isaac Leeser Hebrew Publishing Company of
New York. Even if Adam is happy to have Eve it is not because he realized
anything. In both of these translations it is God who wants a helper/mate for Adam.
It is God who presents the animals for Adam to name but among them he does
not find a helper/mate suitable for Adam. God initiates everything. There is no
indication in the text that Adam's desire had anything to do with this
sequence notwithstanding his exclamation happa'am.
I did a search on happa'am. The link is below and a snip from the text is
below that.
In the final analysis, context determines the appropriate interpretation.
Grammatical and contextual considerations indicate that Adam simply was reacting
to the humanity of Eve, in contradistinction to the animals. The definite
article (ha), especially when prefixed to time words (e.g., pa‘am), carries a
demonstrative force (Seow, 1987, p. 35). Accordingly, Adam simply specified that “
this time” (happa‘am), unlike the other times when he observed mere animal
nature, he was confronted with his human female counterpart.

rich faussette
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