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> I believe that there is more to these matters. When the first crusade
> conquered Jerusalem, reportedly tens of thousands of people were
> killed,
> women, children, Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike
> When the Muslims took Jerusalem during the expansion, thousands of
> Christians were massacred at the request of Jerusalem's Jews. If I'm
> not mistaken this was archeologically attested when archeologists
> excavated the Pool of Siloam.
> This was the nature of warfare at the time, not the nature of
> Christianity.

So why do people consider the TV show that shows "the nature of warfare
at the time" as somehow biased against Christianity?

Do you have any references for your claim though, just curious. The
slaughter of tens of thousands during for instance the first crusade is
well documented. As I understand when the Arabs took Jerusalem in the
600s, they ruled with much religious tolerance.
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