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It has been a long time since I read Kazantzakis' novel or seen the film based on it, but what some of my students found appealing about the novel is its portrayal of the humanity of Jesus. And, it should be noted that in the novel Jesus does not yield to the last temptation about which he fantasizes on the cross, but rejects it and completes his mission. It seems to me that there is a model for the Christian to imitate in this.

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  It's inaccurate to describe "The Last Temptation of Christ" as simply "berating Christians." There were certainly things wrong with the film - & with the novel it's based on - but the central theme, which was the fact that Christ could be tempted & especially what his "last temptation" was, were profoundly correct. The negative reaction of many Christians to the movie betrayed a docetic christology.

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    But no one answered my question. If history was skewed by a TV production of the Crusades so that Christianity itself was presented unfavorably in contrast to other religions, who benefits? Why would that happen? TV productions are not supposed to alienate the religious majority. They are supposed to attract the majority of viewers to their channel/time slot.


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    GRM: I will, Look at Hollywood who continues to make financial flop after financial flop berating the Christian.

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