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  Jewish theology posits the messiah to be male and female. The reasoning
goes this way: Before Eve was created from Adam's rib, Adam contained both
male and female principles and therefore had NO DESIRE.
That is a novel take. In the garden, Adam realized that not one of the
animals was a suitable helper and mate. Next, God put Adam to sleep,
performed an operation, awakened Adam and introduced to him the newly
created Eve. Adam's response when he sees Eve for the first time was happa’
am. This expression is usually translated as “now at length” (Gen. 29:34-35,
30:20, 46:30, and Judges 15:3), roughly equivalent to our English expression
“at last.” Sounds like his desire was fulfilled. It looks like Adam knew he
was not complete, having a desire for a mate. If he didn't have that desire,
I don't believe he would have expressed, "finally."

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