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So I guess your answer to both of my questions is "no, we cannot agree".

And my questions were completely serious.

So please clarify if I'm misunderstanding - you don't believe Jesus was a
man, but rather both a man and woman - ??

Regarding the quoted Jewish scholars - the entire NT states very clearly that
many Jewish scholars at the time had gotten many things wrong about what the
coming Messiah would be like. What makes you so sure that these particular
one's have it right?

No, the idea is that Jesus was complete in himself and had no desire. I
suggest that this is why his celibacy was assumed, from both the Nag Hammadi and
Jewish conception of the messiah. Not at any time was Jesus both man and woman
as in a hemaphrodite, nor did I say anything about his masculinity, a secondary
sexual characteristic.
Nag Hammadi AND Jewish scholars. It is absolutely clear from the Nag Hammadi
texts which explicitly state you must be male and female to enter the kingdom.
Jesus said to her: "I am He who exists from the undivided."
gospel of thomas 61
It is Adam who was divided into male and female. Before that he was undivided.

The ontology of the self sacrifice and one of its principal characteristics,
the end of desire, is present in the theology of the Rig Veda, Buddhism,
Jewish mysticism, and Gnosticism. For the ontology of the self sacrifice NOT to
include the self's "end of desire" and to have "skipped over" Christianity while
being expressed in Jesus' celibacy is highly unlikely. In fact, since the Jews
expected a redeemer who would throw off the yoke of their enemies and Jesus
was a spiritual redeemer, then it is even more likely he reflected this aspect
of ontology that is manifest in all the great religions. I would appreciate a
quote from the NT supporting your argument.

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