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> > If I'm not mistaken the Moors
> > would have taken all of
> > Europe except that Charles Martel stopped them when
> > they came over the Pyrenees.

Hard to say on all Europe, but it is true that Islam spread through
conquering Christian areas in the Middle East, North Africa, and
Europe, and Martel's victory was a significant stop. On the other
hand, it seems likely that some of the nobles pushing for a crusade had
their eyes on potential commercial opportunities if Muslim competition
could be removed, and some crusaders attacked Christians (Eastern
Orthodox or proto-Protestant) instead of Muslims. (Not that attacking
Muslims is necessarily OK but that the former raises obvious questions
about aspects of the claimed religious motives.)

We are at two different levels of an argument. What you say is true. We can
easily impugn the motives of individual Christians coming from separate
countries because of their bad behavior during the Crusades but the pope's initial
call to a crusade was reactionary in the face of Islam's violent expansion and
conquest and came after requests from the Byzantine emperor and discussion at
the council of Piacenza. The pope's call to crusade WAS preceded by a violent
expansion and conquest with all that entails. Spain alone would be conquered
for 7 hundred years before the indigenous Spaniards manage to throw off the
Muslim yoke.
At your level of the argument, as to how the crusades were implemented, you
might consider: is there a conflict in which some combatants have NOT broken
the rules, even combatants whose people or nation were acting in self defense or
doing what they thought even appears to any impartial observer to have been
"right?" No, of course not. But no one answered my question. If history was
skewed by a TV production of the Crusades so that Christianity itself was
presented unfavorably in contrast to other religions, who benefits? Why would that
happen? TV productions are not supposed to alienate the religious majority. They
are supposed to attract the majority of viewers to their channel/time slot.

rich faussette
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