Re: "Pandas" evolves into a new edition

From: Douglas Hayworth <>
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 22:34:55 EST

Ted wrote:
> ID can in fact be discussed--not "taught," in that there is no alternative
> theory per se to teach--in high school science classes. It is legitimate
> for a teacher to mention explanatory difficulties with evolution if they
> wish, as long as there is a clear secular educational purpose for doing

I've always presumed that this type of discussion was acceptable and
encouraged, just as I experienced it to be the style used by my 9th grade
science teacher 25 years ago. I'm glad that you confirm this to be true.
Unfortunately, the current battles will make it more difficult to have those
meaningful discussions about the limits of what we know by science; no
matter which side wins in any given school district or state, teachers will
have less and less freedom to discuss the issues in a constructive manner.
In the end, they'll be forced only to read prepared statements word for

What is this world coming to? Lord, please come quickly!

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