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From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 20:16:02 EST

Well said, Gregory! I fully agree and this is precisely the impetus behind the initiative I've outlined for setting up ASA chapters at university campuses. As we pursue this idea, the critical factor is turning out to be, not surprisingly, having enough people on each campus willing to devote the time to do the organizational work. It seems that there is a widespread need and opportunity for just such a forum. The ASA bylaws stipulate that a local section can be formed if 10 ASA members so petition ASA to form a local section. With a focus on smaller campus chapters, we could probably reduce that to 5. Anywhere we can get five people willing to organize a chapter, we're ready and eager to help make it happen.

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  ...... Perhaps the question of 'where to discuss this' is really more urgent and practical than some people outwardly acknowledge. This is why the 'Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness' (well-named IDEA) clubs are gaining such popularity at some American universities. If ASA could help to organize something that would help provide a forum for students to discuss challenges or critiques of evolution, where valid, in the context of science, philosophy AND theology, maybe it could be a significant contribution to the discourse.


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