Re: "Pandas" evolves into a new edition

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 09:58:46 EST


I would not "segregate" philosophy of science, any more than I would
"segragate" history of science, in science classes. I'd integrate it into
the appropriate units. Thus, talk about Newton's metaphysics/theology in
connection with gravitation, talk about Lisa Meitner's situation in Berlin
in connection with fission, and talk about ID's critique of evolution in
connection with evolution, talk about Popper and Kuhn in connection with
"the scientific method". None of these a required topic, all of them (IMO)
good ones to choose as electives.

Incidentally, a grad student is writing a history of "the scientific
method" as presented in science texts since "the beginning" of the topic in
that genre, and is finding very interesting things. They ain't no such
animal, in terms of any consensus on what to say/how to present it. Just a
great big tent of varying opinoins.

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