Case Study of ID

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Date: Wed Nov 09 2005 - 09:37:52 EST

From another list, I forward this:

Dear Case Teachers,

Our latest case is entitled "The Evolution of Creationism: Critically
Appraising 'Intelligent Design'" by Robin Pals-Rylaarsdam, Biology
Department, Trinity Christian College.

This PBL-formatted case study about the claims and criticisms of
"Intelligent Design" (ID) was written for freshman biology majors at a
Christian liberal arts college. In light of recent developments in school
districts and state education boards across the country, this case would
also be useful for education majors. Students read about the actions of
proponents of ID as they work for its inclusion in the high school science
curriculum. In the process, students learn about the nature of science and
the importance of evolution in the field of biology. More advanced
students are given the task of critically evaluating one specific (and
much cited) claim made by ID supporters--that the irreducible complexity
of the bacterial flagellum suggests that it cannot be the product of

To read the case and its teaching notes, go to:
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