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From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Sun Nov 06 2005 - 23:16:06 EST

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>But what a combination of quantum theory &
> general relativity says is that lengths & time intervals smaller than
> these
> amounts can't be measured. That's not exactly the same thing, unless one
> is
> a convinced positivist.

There is a parallel here with the multiverse. It too can't be observed and
thus we can never actually say that all these infinitude of universes
actually exist. If one can't measure a distance shorter than the planck
length, on is then in the same situation. One can believe that they are
there but one can't prove that they are there with any observational data.
And that makes such a belief faith not science. And that is why I find it
strange for the atheists who are strong proponents of the multiverse to
claim that what they have is science and not faith.
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