Re: ASA and the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Sat Nov 05 2005 - 16:15:17 EST

  ----- Another reason for history of science is that, to do proper philosophy of science, we need to know how scientists work. Kuhn, for example, got the history wrong and came up with a mistaken philosophy of science.

  This is excellent with a superb one liner put down of Kuhn which is absolutely spot on and I can give support to what Dave said.. For a start he is totally wrong on Lyell alledging that there was a paradigm change after him. Really! You cant see it in the type of geology produced from 1828 to 1840 when when this alleged Paradigm change took place. It is definitely not apparent in Darwin's geology .

  I also note the way that so-called creationists of all sorts and conditions appeal to paradigm changes, to give an air of intellectual respectability to their nonsense

  Michael. An anti-Kuhnian historian of science (anti pronounced the english way of course!)
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