Re: Question for ID propopents--the demarcation question

From: Steve Petermann <>
Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 09:33:23 EST

Drawing distinctions between the various proponents of intelligent design
could be important. Without drawing those distinctions IDists are often
lumped together with the literal Genesis creationists. This is unfortunate
because it does not represent a true picture and can bias opinion on a
fallacious oversimplification. The common thread among IDists is a belief
or at least an entertainment that there is an intentionality associated with
the emergence of biotic reality. How that intentionality is applied can
vary greatly among ID explorers. There are special creationists, divine
interventionists, QM IDists, EAMists, ID process thinkers, ID evolutionists,
front-loaders, dualists, monists, etc.

However, I think it is understandable that many prominent IDists do not
elaborate on the breadth of their positions. To do so would broaden the
attack against them especially within the scientific community. The ID
debate is occurring imo, unfortunately, within what I would consider a
remnant of the failed attempt to formalize a demarcation between science and
non-science. Most philosophers of science today reject such an attempt.
Since many prominent ID proponents want ID to be recognized
as a scientific endeavor, they must try to navigate the intractable process
of qualifying ID as science. Because of that any elaboration on metaphysical
issues will fall under not only a political critique but also a
scientific demarcation critique.
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