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2005 11 ICR

Acts and Facts, Nov 2005


The cover letter includes a quote (unattributed) from a "professing
Christian." The quote reads, in part: "promoters of recent creation are
doing great damage to the Christian church."

The cover letter comments: "...he obviously has placed Scriptural truth
in a subordinate role to the pronouncements of some scientists."

Etc. Etc.

Page 1. An essay promoting the expanded "Defenders Bible." Henry Morris
continues to work on this magnum opus. Over 6,400 explanatory notes and
18 appendices to "aid the reader" in understanding the book Henry says
is simple to understand.

Page 2. John Morris writes on the need for a good poll and offers ICR's
services in making it happen. A claim in the article: Less than 10% of
all Americans hold to purely naturalistic evolution. Yet these are the
ones who hold a monopoly on university professorships, textbook editors,
teacher union leadership, media prominence and the judicial system.

Page 3. Peace Lutheran Church in Hutchinson, MN and a group of churches
in nearby Montevideo assembled "a large crowd" to hear John Morris.

Page 3. Worried about Katrina victims? Fret not. ICR has sent "two
pallets" of ICR books, DVDs, and pamphlets to the "hurting families."

Page 4. RATE has discovered that the radioactive half lives of elements
has changed in the past.

Page 4. The follow on projects to RATE have received good response. Ask
Larry vardiman (LVardiman@icr.edu for electronic summary reports.

Page 5. Parasite infections and disease-causing bacteria were the result
of the Fall.

IMPACT article -- on Fitzroy, captain of the Beagle, critic of Darwin.

More stuff -- but I'll spare you. Nov 5 is the big day!

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