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From: Dr. David Campbell <>
Date: Tue Nov 01 2005 - 13:52:37 EST

>>Many scientists sneer at Behe's reference to "gaps," but Ruse
>>himself--the most influential witness at the Arkansas trial--makes
>>reference to them here. Of course he goes right on to say that
>>there is thus plenty of "unfinished business to keep researchers
>>working away," and that's appropriate. But it is also appropriate
>>to point out "large gaps" in our knowledge of mechanisms, precisely
>>what Mike Behe said in court.

It is, however, inappropriate to claim that those gaps are evidence of
failure of evolutionary explanations when researchers are in fact
working away and filling those gaps. Also remember that many of the
gaps are only just being discovered themselves with the vast increase
in molecular data over the past several years. It takes time to
analyze things and come up with explanations, especially as
evolutionary biology is not exactly a major focus of funding and
effort in comparison with, e.g., drug discovery.

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