Re: Sabbath economics [was: Life after the oil crash]

From: janice matchett <>
Date: Tue Nov 01 2005 - 11:46:51 EST

At 10:58 AM 11/1/2005, Don Winterstein wrote:
>"...Actually, the real message of the Mark passage is not at all about
>economics but about level of commitment. Jesus saw that this rich man was
>so firmly and elementally tied to his possessions that he could not truly
>commit his life to God. For him it was necessary to make a radical
>break. ~ Don

### Jesus merely showed that "God-talk" is cheap: "I can prove that I
love and trust God and follow him - look at all the wonderful works I have
performed - what ELSE can I possible do to prove it???"

When someone in denial asks such a question as: "God, "please show me
myself", he may get more than what he bargained for.

In this case, since he actually made such a request out loud and in public,
Jesus just used him as a good object lesson for the others who happened to
be standing around or reading about the incident later.

By turning around and walking away -- "in sorrow" :) -- he just proved to
everyone where he really placed his loyality and trust (faith).

The goats: "But Lord ... look at all the wonderful things we have done in
your name"

Jesus: "Get away from me - I never knew you."

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