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>No one really believes that this is a huge problem. Look at Janet and her
>views of peak oil. If we can't convince the likes of her (someone who has
>not studied the issue and isn't very expert in it) how can we expect to
>change the attitudes of people?

### Sorry - but the "problem" goes away..

"... Ausubel sees that trend continuing until carbon-based fuels are
eliminated by the end of the century.

He expects that carbon dioxide concentrations, now about 360 parts per
million (ppm), will peak at 450 ppm. That is 100 ppm less than the U.N.'s
sometimes stated goal of "stabilizing" carbon dioxide at 550 ppm, and it
would happen without draconian increases in energy prices or the creation
of global bureaucracies aimed at regulating the atmosphere.

So Wackernagel et al. are wrong on every measure they chose to analyze with
regard to the future sustainability of the human enterprise. ..."

June 26, 2002 The End Is Nigh, Again By Ronald Bailey

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