RE: Report: Francis Collins presentation

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Sat Oct 29 2005 - 19:20:25 EDT

Michael said (in an earlier post):
I find it difficult to see how any Christian could disagree
substantively on anything Collins said.
Sure, Michael, Sunday schools all across America teach mutual-shared
common ancestry between man and apes. How could any Christian disagree
with that? And as for the other shoe dropped .
He did not think it was meant to teach that Adam and Eve were the
literal genetic ancestors of all people and pointed out that there were
other people inhabiting the world when Cain was sent away from home and
that he and Seth found wives without any mention of inbreeding.
And what Christian isn't aware that Adam wasn't the first human being?
I think you have been spending too much time on the east side of the
Atlantic Ocean where Christians may be more informed, but then - how
many are there?
~Dick Fischer~ Genesis Proclaimed Association
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