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From: Chris Barden <>
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 13:45:32 EDT

"Rawlings said that some polls show that 40 percent of Americans
believe that creationism should be taught instead of evolution in
public schools, and about half of the Cornell students in the large
course on evolution for nonmajors agree that 'some sort of "purpose"
[is] informing the process through which life develops.'

It is a grevious issue that those two positions ought to be equated in
wrongness by academia. The first is a misunderstanding of science,
but the second is a position taken by all theistic evolutionists,
including evolutionary luminaries like Dobzhansky. ID thus threatens
to truly take "God out of the classroom" if the political backlash
mandates the teaching of evolution as unguided.

On 10/28/05, Randy Isaac <> wrote:
> Last weekend, interim president Rowlings of Cornell gave a speech to the trustees that identified ID as " "a matter of great significance to Cornell and to this country as a whole a matter so urgent that I felt it imperative to take it on for this State of the University address." The packed auditorium gave Rawlings a lengthy standing ovation at the conclusion of his address. "
>
> I just talked with Karl Johnson, head of the Chesterton House at Cornell He says the whole campus is talking about the issue. It's a great opportunity for ASA to provide a forum for discussion. I'm sure other campuses will do the same. The key question is, what do we as ASA have to offer as a resource? We are somewhat dependent on the specific people on each campus but perhaps we can also offer a broader range of resources for the dialog. We should be able to provide support to the local organizations like Chesterton House.
> Thoughts?
> Randy
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