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Not sure, maybe this is as precise as current studies get as far as
identifiyng common ancestors. I know in the past, groups have claimed to
pinpoint specific "genetic Adams" and "genetic Eves" : single individuals
living in a particular time and place but I think there's more disagreement
for these specific hypotheses.

Not to mention how foolish pastors look when they try to match these
individuals up with their biblical counterparts (Eve and Noah).

I don't know if Collin's statement is related to this (the "big
announcement" he alluded to.)

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 Snip from Louise's post:
DNA analysis also shows a picture of human origins different from a literal
reading of Genesis: namely, modern humans come from a common ancestor pool
of about 10,000 individuals (not 2) that lived in Africa about 100,000 years
First let me say that I realize that this is what was being stated by Mr.
Collins. Not being a DNA expert, am I to understand that DNA evidence shows
that homo sapiens sapiens come from about 10,000 individuals? If so then
were did those 10,000 individuals come from? If followed further back is
there a point at which there are only 2, or did the genetic mutation
spontaneously occur among this 10,000+/- new type of man?
I can picture a mating between two older species that produced at least 1
new type (homo sapiens) that then became the predominant DNA for any
subsequent matings of descendants. I can also vision a sudden change in
environment that could cause all of the older species in a localized area to
produce genetically different offspring. As an example, mutation caused by
radioactive exposure.
Is there any reference someone can provide that theorizes the cause or
explanation for not having just 1 or 2 original homo sapiens?
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