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. Another

> suggestion that I have been advocating is to go back to

> rationing. Let's face, rationing is the only way to

> distribute scarce resources to all and not to limit their use

> by the rich at the expense of the poor. For example, if we

> assume a reasonable amount of driving per individual as 15

> 000 km (close to 10 000

> miles) and we set a reasonable fuel consumption of 8 L/100 km

> (35 mpg or 28 mpmg(miles per minigallon)), each licenced

> driver could be given coupons that would allow him/her to buy

> 1200 L of gasoline (or diesel fuel) at a reasonable base

> price; anything more would be charged at double or triple the

> base rate with the excess profits going back to the gummint.


Having, in the very middle of my career been a salesman, I can tell you that that is a tax on salesmen and women who have to drive a whole lot. I think it is a great tax because now I am not a saleman but they might have a slightly different view. The problem with ANY scheme of assuming a proper amount for an average person to consume is that it always skewers the other guy but never the guy who thinks the scheme up.


If someone told me that I am only allowed 50,000 miles of air travel a year, I wouldn't see my family very much and wouldn't be able to do my job. I wouldn't like that limit. But if the ticket prices go up, I am free then to figure out what I am willing to forgo in order to travel more than that.

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