Re: Life after the oil crash

From: Dale K. Stalnaker <>
Date: Thu Oct 27 2005 - 16:04:59 EDT

I've commuted by bike for years, on a twice weekly basis during the summer
when I used to live within 9 miles from my job. Now that the distance is
13+ miles, it's not so frequent, but I still enjoy doing it.

After having been stranded on the way home recently with TWO flats within
one mile, I would like to see them invent puncture-proof pneumatic
tires! I have always been prepared with _one_ spare inner tube. Now I
carry _two_ .


At 03:58 PM 10/27/2005 +0100, you wrote:

>On 10/27/05, Glenn Morton
><<>> wrote:
>>Michael Roberts
>>>Should it be a criminal offence to drive a car which does less than 35
>>>miles to the gallon (US mini-gallons) and use central heating at 70deg
>>>and always use air-conditioning?
>>>Will we come to that.
>>>I will now get on my bike
>>>GRM: Having lived in both the UK and the US, the US is not structured
>>>the same as the UK. I could walk to the nearest grocery story (4 aisles
>>>of stuff) in about 5 minutes in Peterculter. But if I want to walk to
>>>the nearest grocery store in the US it is a 40 minute walk
>.. or a 10 minute bike ride!
>OK it's not going to solve the world's fuel crisis, but one thing I do
>have in common with Michael is apparently being an evangelical
>cyclist. (In both senses.)

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